Funemployment Radio
Greg Nibler and Sarah X Dylan's Podcast. Intelligent conversations about ridiculous situations. Based out of Portland, Oregon, both are former Commercial Broadcasters, who decided to break off and do it on their own. They have been sharing their lives and amazing guests, 5 days a week, since 2009.

Experienced Train Rider, High Class, Grifting, Larry Amtrak Rides Again, Heir To The Amtrak Fortune, Like The Common People, SeaFair, World Of Crazy, Dr. Tom Tom, Beaten With A Meat Tenderizer, Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich, Ball Talk, Russell Wilson, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Too Much Cheese On A Hot Day, Sarah Brie, Obsession, Line Cutting, VICTORY, The Truck Debacle Closed, WoC, ATM Bag, What Would You Do, Chicken Bones, Scissor Cake, Rattlesnake, BIKE GALLERY

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Musical Greg, Singing To Dogs, Tennis, Finnegan, Sarah Wins Bingo, Old Lady OCD, WoC, Banjo Player, Spray Can, Ice Cream Truck, Flying App, Creepy Guy, Ball Talk, Vin Baker, Poor Poor Brady, POPINA

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GUEST: LUCIA FASANO, Alaska Bound, FER On The Road, Bears, Ball Talk, Pretty Boy Brady, ASYLUM, Lucia Fasano, LA, Catty B YouTube Series, Synesthesia, Music Album, WoC, Actor Felon, Jon's Gift

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Wrong White People, Brewersfest, Morrison Bridge, Bus Couple, Chirping, Bibles, World Of Crazy, Rattlesnake Selfie, Dryer Explosion, Norwegian Golf Course Holes, Buzz Lightyear Hug, Ball Talk, Down Goes Chestnut, Megatoad, BIKE GALLERY

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GUEST: HARI KONDABOLU, Dumb Fratellis & Worst House Party Ever, HARI KONDABOLU at Helium Comedy Club, Corn Salad, Facebook Threats, Great Hair, Hecklers, Hari Is Just The Best, Metal Or Bible Verse, WoC, Eating Contest, Bison Selfie, Creepy Clown, Cousin Fire, Hogan, POPINAS

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Sarah Hot Dog Dylan's Big Day, Hot Dog Sandwiches, Facts, Joey Chestnut, SQUATCH WATCH, Salish, Moot, WoC, Irish Festival, Posessed Phone, Under Bed, Escort Services, Massages, Lifetime Recap, Imaginary Friend, BIKE GALLERY

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THE SECRET SOCIETY, Who Is Rush, The Meth Shelving, JESSE and MATT from Secret Society, Tough Or Rough, Madame Curie, Buffalo Grass Vodka, The Epic Bar Rescue Tale

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GUESTS: SEAN JORDAN, ZAK TOSCANI, PHIL SCHALLBERGER, They're Back, Return Of The Meth, WoC, Fake Cop, Hacked Cheating, Atomic Wedgie, Corey Feldman, FUNNY OVER EVERYTHING at Hollywood Theatre, POPINA, Patch & Paul

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GUEST: DON FROST, The Junk Mail Fiasco, Wicked, Sarah Becomes Ma'am, Ma'am Pants, Morts, DON FROST, Helium Comedy Club Tall Tales, Mom Shorts, Pink Chickens, Robot Gnomes, Getting Older, Leah Has Gingivitis

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GUEST: JO KOY, Wicked Musical, JO, Helium Comedy Club, Lukewarm Coffee, Fake Mustaches, Family, JO IS AWESOME, WoC, Thief, Lochness Time Warphole, Chicken Kissers, POPINA, Willie From Human Access Project, GREG SPOILS WICKED MUSICAL

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Laugh It Up Sarah, Greg Is A Wanted Man, Photo Radar, Sociopath Picture, I'm A Bad Boy, Jail Greg Is Not Good, CEMETERY DANCE REVIEW, WoC, Don't Kiss The Chicken, Jesus Buffet, Buffet Rules, PROJECT PABST, NEXT ADVENTURE apology

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Dropping Suit, Greg In Mexico, Swimsuit Shopping, POPINA, New Sponsor Of Funemployment Radio, Pamela From Popina, WoC, Lays Chips, Fake Money, Mosquito Festival, Hot Tub Hammock, PROJECT PABST CONTEST, Photoshop Greg & Sarah, Festival Lessons

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Greg Is The Burbs, Neck Beard, Dog Stung, Shirtless, PROJECT PABST, WoC, D On The Power Lines, I Like Pigs, Taco Bell Wifi, Fish Truck, Squatch Watch No Bigfoot, NEXT ADVENTURE, Ball Talk, ARod, Dame Dolla, Deandre Jordan Epic Rant

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GUEST: IBRAHIM MOUSTAFA, Greg Loves Alf And Isn't Afraid Anymore, Going Home To The Country, Poster Kid, Not Cool Cool, Pellet Guns, BIKE GALLERY, IBRAHIM, Who Showered, Wadder Or Folder, HIGH CRIMES, The Flash, GET IBRAHIM'S BOOK

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GUEST: BRENT MIRON, Spider Attack, BRENT MIRON, Jay-Z of Comedy, Undateable, Helium Comedy Club, Boarding School, Messing Up Lines, Tickets For A Show, Doctor Brother, The Story, BIKE GALLERY, WoC, Limberbutt McCubbins, Don't Drink Airfreshener, Fake Plug

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Winky Sarah, Portland's Funniest Person Recap, Congrats To Performers, Congrats To Greg Pool Champion, WoC, Florida Woman, Smart Bears, Bad Teeth, Russel And Ciara, Charlene Are You There We Miss You, Surprise Gronking

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GUEST: Anton from Asylum, Greg Is Caught, Being That Guy In The Store, TP Girl, White Bread Chips Kicked, WoC, Mocking Alligators, Lawnchair Balloons, Blue Eyes, 10 Grand Date, Thanks Andy, ANTON, Mid-Modern, Post-Modern, Educating Greg, ASYLUM ON HAWTHORNE, 3 Stores In One

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Causing Small Town Trouble, Corbett Parade, Karate Greg Showing Off, Tractors, All American Day, The St. Paul Fan Incident, Tack Room Shenanigans, WoC, Bad Firework, Kurt Braunholer Love Butt, Tail Boy, Dating Website, USWNT, Aldridge Gone, Joey Chestnut, Sarah Hot Dog Dylan, NEXT ADVENTURE

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Old Greg!, Birthday Facts, Old Man, E.T., Baked Bean, Candies, St. Paul, Sarah Is Angry, NEXT ADVENTURE, WoC, Robot Murder, Logging, Fake Dentist, Concerned Mother, NBA Free Agency, Hot Dogs

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Greg Is Almost Old, Giving Advice On The Finer Things, Juice Boxes, Wallet Chains, WoC, Tindog, Model Flies Airplane, Bad Pirate, Superman Plastic Surgery, USWNT Beat Germany, NBA Free Agency Explainations

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